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Henna Tips

Few tips and tricks before your big day

Henna aftercare is really important to get the darkest color. There are few things to take care of before having your henna applied and then comes the application process and aftercare. I will share few tips and tricks I recommend for my bridal parties.

A few things to look at before booking your henna artist are:

1. Make sure the henna artist you book is using Natural Henna. Henna quality is really important otherwise no aftercare will help.

2. Consultations are really important. Consultations are a must, if you would like to test out the henna, so there are no surprises for you on the day of. Henna colour varies from person to person, that is why it's important for you to have it test it out. Not only that. it helps you and the artist be on the same page, it avoids many other confusions/problems such as what needs to be done. It helps you prepare on your henna budget.

Artists will discuss before care, aftercare , and what needs to be done during the process to have the maximum result.

Some steps to follow before having your henna done

- Manicure and Pedicure needs to be done before the henna application

-Waxing/Shaving needs to be done prior to henna.

-No moisturizer, oils , lotions at least an hour prior to henna application. Important to make sure hands are dry.

-Haldi/Ubtan before henna

After Henna :

-Seal the henna with lemon/sugar sealant. There are many other methods to seal it as well but lemon/sugar is most common one.

-Leave the henna on for as long as possible. The longer you keep the henna for, the darker the colour gets and longer your henna will last . Best is to keep it overnight but if not, I recommend 4-6 hours.

-Keep your hands/feet warm. (or wherever henna is applied). I normally recommend leaving hands and feets under blanket and it works.

- Avoid Water for 24 hours. Scrape your henna off. To get rid of the residue, you can use olive oil or coconut oil.

-Henna Balm

Stain Development Process:

When henna is removed, stain is light orangey -yellow. Colour gradually gets darker over the 48 hours.

-Colour Should be deep reddish- brown

(The final stain will depends on each person's body chemistry and skin.)

Avoid chlorine, sanitizers, salt water as it makes the stain go away faster

Please Note these are some tips and tricks from my own years of experiences.

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